138 East Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743
Press & Reviews
"If there is, somewhere, a meatball hall of fame, then the spheres served
at the new Primo Piatto in Huntington deserve a place there. The Sicilian-
style recipe, from owner Fabrizio Castelli's late mother-in-law, produces
meatballs tender and lush, spiced with a mix of boldness and balance
and sauced with a bright marinara that coats every al dente strand of
spaghetti underneath. I could live on that dish."
"Tracing owner Fabrizio Costelli's family roots to Sicily reveals a long
history of restaurateurs. His relatives arrived in the United States in 1957,
opening a pizzeria in Brooklyn before reaching Long Island in the 1970s.
With Fabrizio and his children, Ariana and Francesco, at the
helm, the family tradition continues. "